Well, Double Crap!

We went over to NFM to pick up a brown sofa and after a half hour wait to get the paperwork done, went over to the pick up point to get the sofa. The brought it our and put it on the truck. I went to get Barb and when she came out to the truck, she looked at it and it was the same black sofa they had tried to deliver yesterday. I don't know why they thought it was any more brown today than yesterday. Another line, another wait and finally they brought out a brown leather flex steel couch. YES!
When I got it home, I found that the great big heavy som'bitch is a monster and I'm not sure if Dave and I will be able to get it off the pick up and inside. I will know in a little while when he gets here. If we can't, I'll put it in the garage and figure out a way to sucker some big guys over to help. I think about 4 will be the right number.
You know what, I think I should have bought it from the local company and had them put it where I wanted it. Double Crap!

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  1. just take your nap in the garage and call it good...