Either we have ghosts or someone just came into the house upstairs while I was downstairs. I kind of expected Barb but was not sure of the time she is due home. She worked this morning at Michael's and is attending a cake decorating class for a couple of hours after that. I heard one of the doors close upstairs and hollered Hello like I always do. No dog barks, no one in the driveway. Do you believe in Ghosts? I would like to but I really don't.

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  1. I used to live in a haunted apartment building in El Paso. One weekend I went to Phoenix to visit relatives and when I returned, both of my downstairs neighbors asked "Did you leave your keys with someone?" The answer was "No".

    My apartment straddled parts of both of their apartments and they swore that they heard someone up all hours of the night, playing the stereo, etc.. But when I opened the door to my apartment, nothing had been disturbed.

    Another neighbor reported the same thing concerning the apartment above hers, while the tenant was gone on summer vacation.

    One of the geology buildings at UTEP (where my grad student office was) was supposedly haunted also. It is just that I am never the one to hear or see things. It is other folks.