Morning in the Heartland

I started the first post with some heavy political rant and decided that even I didn't give a damn about the 2008 election. Why have you suffer through my narrow pointed view for a few nuggets of my BS.
Barb and I are in the middle of a Real Estate deal to acquire some property near us. It is about a mile and a half north of our house and sits on three acres. Typical of Barb's searches, it appears to be a darned good deal and looks like we are on track to close by the end of July. It is kind of rough but has a lot of potential.
When we watch TV, we see programs from LA where they buy a house and "Flip it". They start with 1400 sq ft homes and pay $700,00 for the old place. They strip out the guts, replace everything and sell it for $900,000. Are they crazy? For that kind of money here you could buy the biggest and best house in Topeka.
Have you noticed that car problems seem to run in spurts? We had to drag Dave's car out of the garage because the Olds transmission shot craps. He put in a new heater core and still has a leak somewhere. I'm not sure what's wrong but it will have to be replaced by winter. The olds will probably go to the salvage soon. I love how that car looks but it just isn't right. Seems like one of the check instrument lights is on constantly. Get one fixed and another pops up. I guess when you drive a car in excess of 150,000 miles you should expect problems.
It is rainy here today. Just what we need, more rain. South of here there are flood watches again. Just what they need. Oh well, gotta run.

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