A Plan for Life

Today I went to the barbershop for my monthly trim. My barber is totally bald. I wonder if what they say about cooks applies to barbers. You know, never trust a skinny cook or a bald barber. On the counter was a book he was reading. It was a book about having a Plan for God to run his life. I asked him if he had a plan to help in the issue or if he was going to leave it up to God? It kind of took him a minute to reply. Now I know I had him, this guy has an opinion about everything including a good joke now and then.
He mumbled some things about being a good father and husband. I said those things everyone should do their best to be, but what is he going to do to make his life better.
The basic way to build a plan is to first assess where you are. If you can't find where you are, there is just no way you can figure out where you want to be. n case you haven't figured out step two, where is it you want to be? The last step is to figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
I think this works out if you break it down into areas. Education, finance, personal relationships, housing and transportation. Your goals in these areas should be near term, mid term and long range.
The one area we did agree on was that real estate was a good place to start building. I think if we had spent a little more time we could have also agreed that education is a great base. I had to go meet Barb for lunch so we didn't continue any deeper. Your Thoughts? MUD


  1. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Story of my life. I believe God can certainly guide our steps, but I don't think He wants us to sit around on our butts waiting for Him to tell us everything. We have to take some action and some responsibility. Now if I could just get organized with my plan...

    It looks like you've been looking at some of the same things I have. I'm in the learning stage only at this point. Have you read any of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books by Kiyosaki? They're not well written, but if you can get past that, there is good information there.

  2. I have a rule to not even use the term "plans" because they never work out. Goals on the other hand, are what I am driven by. In the last two years I can honestly say I have managed to accomplish every single one I have set for myself. If I had made them plans, they wouldn't have worked out because plans are rigid, and I would have felt pretty bad about that.

  3. Yeah, I do the legwork and leave the rest up to God, cos Gos knows best. I've learned the hard way. :-)