Its cold outside!

This morning it is only 33 degrees or darn near zero Centigrade. It will warm up some today and by Sunday it will be 70 in the afternoon. I guess we can't have warm weather all year long.
You know what the good news is? The basketball season starts tonight with KU playing one of the local colleges at 7 PM on TV. Yes, it has officially started and the football team is still in action. On the recruiting front, KU has already signed almost a whole new team for next year. They seem to reload each time it looks like they need help. We'll see how that works out but it almost always seems to be a good thing. (Oh no, I'm quoting Barb who quotes Martha Stewart)
Today will be working in a closet at Dave's new house for the most part. I need to measure, put some flooring down and then figure out the best way to put up rods for hangers. Whatever I do it will be sturdy and functional. Gotta Run.

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