Dang Government

I swear that the more they try, the more things just go to heck in a hand basket.  Our son is rapidly wearing out his daily driver and since that Cash for Clunkers deal, low mileage used cars are hard to come by.  Our last two cars were low mileage steals and I haven't seen anything like them in the paper or on line for a long time.

I know the people in Government are trying to protect us from the bad things in life, it is just that is a lot of cases the unintended consequences of their actions are worse.  For example, one of the things proposed as a part of the stimulus was a high speed train from the LA area to Las Vegas.  Sure would cut down on the gas used and the traffic to Vegas.  Yes, the bad news is that a lot of people go there and gamble away their hard earned money.  Do we want to make it easier to get to Vegas?    The key word is gamble.  If it was easy to win, they would call it winning and the place would go broke soon.

Someone in Kansas got the grand idea that a new 40 million dollar system to license our cars was needed.  All it has done is make the lines so long that you can't just go in in the morning and get it done without a long wait.  They give you a number and stop issuing numbers at noon.  That should be their sign that someone needs to have this system shoved up their dark place.  I know that we are going to get a new county Treasurer this year because of the problems he is unable to fix.  There just has to be a way to fix that system. 

The Local School Board has tried their best to build a new High School Auditorium over the past few years.  They keep telling us that it is one of their priorities and we the voters keep telling them no.  I wonder what part of no they don't understand?

Is the Fast and Furious guns to Mexico going to be the Watergate for the Obama Administration?  Lets see, I will dig out their quote to use on them - What did he know and when did he know it?  I didn't think that CYA was a good excuse for Executive Privilege.


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