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In the past I have written that I write this crap for me and I am serious about that.  It is a creative outlet that I use and It helps me feel connected to people.   I hope you enjoy reading my Blog but I won't stop if you don't.  If you do read something that you especially enjoy, drop a comment.  If you don't, I think people are voting with their feet by coming here and with just short of 60,000 hits, there has to be a reason.

The weather here in the Heartland is Hot, Hot, HOT! It broke 100 yesterday and it cooled off only to 75 last night.   It barely let the AC unit cool back down so it stopped running almost non stop.  By yesterday afternoon it was brutal.  I didn't hear what the heat index was when the actual temp broke 100.  

There is a fellow on Death Row in Arkansas and they have been playing with their Death Penalty for a few years.  I have doubts that after 13 years, longer than my niece he killed lived, they are really serious about putting him to death even if their law is restored.  Several member of her family are really feeling this problem and are upset.  I wish I could help them be reminded that every day he is sitting on a small cell 23 hours a day and that alone is punishment way beyond putting him to death.  When he dies, it won't bring relief to us, only an end to his torture of sitting there on Death Row and rotting from the inside out.    His life is on hold and it is like the movie Groundhog Day every day for the rest of his life.  

One thing about me is that I believe in Justice over Mercy.  I am more of a do the crime,  then do the time over parole and rehabilitation.  Prison should be a place that you have to get up and work hard to get any privileges.  In fact, I think I wrote my feelings on the prison system a few years back.  The first third of the time you are in Prison, you are to sit in a cell with limited time outside for anything unless it is work.  No TV, no posters on the wall, no Tobacco.  If there is scud work to do like chain gangs and real work, these guys are the one's that do it.  After all, someone has to wash the pots and pans in the kitchen.  The next third of the time in Prison, the inmates would grow and make everything they eat wear or touch.  Self supporting as much as possible.  Only in the final 1/3 of their time would there be anything like education or rehabilitation.  The education would include life skills like how to manage money, cook meals and plan for the future.  Anyone without a High School education would take classes to pass the GED. After all, this is my perfect world not theirs. 

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