Hot! Hot! Hot!

In past years, June has been one of those months that you would duplicate, weather-wise, if you were in Kansas.   Not too wet, not too hot and the wind is generally a slight breeze.  This year, not so much.  We are about a month early temperature wise and any moisture we do get is wicked away by the hot dry air.  Several days the thunder boomers built up and looked like they might bring us some rain but at the last minute went around us or just petered out about Manhattan and came here with a whimper.  Today is one of those days where the 100 degree mark will just be the estimate of how hot it is.  it is not even 9 AM and it is almost 80 right now.  

Today is a Holiday after two weeks of working in the bathroom of my rental house.  I am taking a forced leave of absence (without work) to let my injuries heal.  I look like I crawled through a barb wire fence on my legs and my wedding ring finger is about 1/64th shorter than it was.  The good news is that I immediately put a bandage on the stump and the flap of skin has reattached pretty well.  Normally something like that will just hurt until the flap of skin falls off and is replaced by new growth.  I have had paper cuts that hurt more.

Have you ever had a period of your life where things just seem to have been a lot more fun?  A few weekends ago we held a BBQ celebration in Kansas City, an anniversary party for the other Petty's,  a wedding in Kansas City followed  shortly by my sister's Birthday party in Lawrence.  The secret to all this fun?   Family.  There has been more fun and frivolity in our family lately than ever.  The cast has been different at each party but the one simple thing is that we have been one dang funny bunch.  The newest addition to the family is Julia who has a wonderful laugh and a two year old that is a hoot. 

I love smart cute kids 

For father's day I asked for one of those new socket wrench sets that has the short sockets.  Barb picked up a set from Sear's and it is darned nice.  I got a pretty full set of Metric and SAE sockets.  Can't wait to find a good project to use them on, I won't have to wait long.  Speaking of projects, yesterday I decided that the new bridge I built for Barb needed a little TLC.  I had some deck cleaner left over from a project a long time back and I scrubbed the bridge deck boards.  They had been used in another project and they looked dark compared to the new wood.  After a good cleaning, Mr - I can't leave good enough alone made a trip to the Hardware store and bought some penetrating stain/protectant to give it a nice look.  They said the color was Pecan but what do I know.  Today I am going to sit inside and read a good book.


 PS, that old geezer in the picture above is indeed me.  I have spent almost 65 years trying to maintain my appearance and that's as good as it gets.

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