Popeye Motto - I Yam what I Yam!

For years, I read a lot of self help books and it took me a long time and hundreds of dollars to realize the true secret.  I can change my behavior somewhat but I am fundamentally Popeye and "I Yam what I yam."  If you spend your life thinking people are inherently bad, you will never be able to see the good things in yourself that make you blossom and do well in this world.  With a little work and half an effort, you can treat everyone with the respect they deserve.  Sharing and caring is what it is all about.

I am not an activist in this effort, I am a subversive. I will continue to start with smiling at kids and helping them feel good about themselves.  Adults are on their own.  I will try to set a good example and try to not do bad things even if I am human and screw up from time to time.

This morning I listened to Dr Dean Odell talk about getting old and the old saw about nature or nurture.  There are a few that just get old and they don't need to change much to have that happen.  He does point out that if you want to get older, there are a lot of choices you can make to help you get to 100.  Oddly enough being connected with a group of family and friends is not a bad thing.  Sharing and caring pictures, text's and messages on Facebook is more prevalent than a lot of people think.   It may be figurative but staying in touch is part of a good life.  

Yesterday we saw the President make an Executive Order to allow the children of Illegal Immigrants stay in the United States.  People are shouting this is Political.  No, the people in Washington D.C. are political?  Duh boys and girls, in this election year a President with a lot of  failure in his record book is doing everything he can to try to make his record look positive.   Let me tell you that in a lot of cases, the people that have come here to find work and raise a family are honest and hard working people.  They care and have a solid base in their religion that stands for a lot of what I do.  All you have to do is look at history to see that in the long run, our friends from Mexico built the Santa Fe Railroad and have added greatly to the life here in Topeka.  Anyone that goes to San Antonio, TX and not love the culture and food there doesn't understand the wonderful diversity they have there.  I wonder - Do the Mexicans there feel that we are the one's diluting their lifestyle?   

I listened that a vandal spray painted a Picasso.  The "Woman in the Arm Chair" will get fixed and the change was temporary.  I wonder how long it took them to notice?   

This is a part of what I want this blog to stand for.  My love of people and acceptance is a part of me that feels that there is enough room for everyone to have their day in the sun.  My promotions and ribbons on my chest didn't keep you from getting yours.  My wealth hasn't hurt your chance to get yours.  The quality of my life doesn't hurt yours.  I ain't perfect, I yam what I Yam.

Throw in Family and you have a great life


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