Summer 2012

This year has been one of an early summer and I think the opening day of summer portends to be hot and unless we get some moisture today (as promised) things will really start drying out.  It hasn't been long since we waited until later on in the day to ride our bikes to let it warm up some.  Now if we don't get out early it is too hot.  For the best part of a week the wind has blown so hard that it is a lot less fun to ride.  Our beautiful lake trail is just too exposed to ride in 30 MPH wind.

In a little while, I will get dressed to go over to the rental house to measure rooms and do some trim work in the bathroom.  I have a new light bar to put up over the sink in the little house and a few minor touch ups to do to make it ready to rent. 

I am so disappointed that a relative of ours has run afoul of the law.  Most of what he did was just stupid juvenile things but add them all up and they could lead to serious charges.  I will refrain from naming names as this young man is a juvenile and I have really got to know him this year.  He is as hard a worker as any I have even met but for some reason seems to lack that little thing that causes him to ask the question ,"'What would happen if?"  That would my biggest gift to all children if I could give them that small moment where they stop and think before they do stupid things.  I won't even pretend to be critical of him as I too suffered from that impulse control and often fell victim of the law of Unintended Consequences. I am trying to control my language so I will only say "Excrement."

In today's paper there was an article about student athletes and how a school must maintain a good record of having the students progressing towards graduation.  Prop 9 said there must be a mix of male and female sports and scholarships available.  Good thing they can count the women in the deal or some schools just couldn't make the cut.  The women's tennis, golf and rowers all help pull up the average.  Strange thought, Shouldn't the focus for student athletes be an education first?  Oh, I know it is easy to be a KU fan because from time to time our Men's Basketball team flirts with a National Championship.   

Is anyone else as tired about hearing the coverage of Jerry Sandusky and the lurid activities at Penn State.  If they had canned him when the first allegations were made this would be just a minor footnote.  But no, people let it happen and didn't make a fuss when it was first alleged and now it is a national news feeding frenzy. 

From Private to Colonel in only 31 Years

When I was the Military Personnel Officer for the Guard, one of my Female employees complained that she was being harassed by a Warrant Officer on my staff.  My first reaction was he had better not be guilty in this or his ass is gone.  I appointed an investigating officer and made an inquiry.  The allegation was false as the woman was about to be fired for not doing her job.  She started to do her job and everyone was made whole.  Years later I met the Warrant officer and I had forgotten about the whole thing.  He hadn't.  I guess my harsh words about canning his ass if he was guilty had been reported to him.  He was mad at me and once I gave him the chance to vent and then listen to my side he at least walked away with less venom in his craw.  The thing I wanted him to know was I investigated the incident and he was cleared of any charges.  I fully admitted that I had been a lot less that proper when I expressed my anger when I heard allegations.  He didn't know that I was right in the middle of a bigger problem with some Recruiters for much the same thing and in that case it was true.  My real crime was the saying the first thing that crossed my mind.

Oh well, better get ready to face the day.  Hope you summer is a good one.


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  1. I didn't know one of our relatives was getting in trouble. I did my share of illegal stuff as a kid, but was lucky enough to wise up. As far as Sandusky goes...I am just in shock that it got that far. In my opinion he should have never been allowed around children after the first investigation. I swear if anyone ever touches my kids I will be in prison for murder.