Doesn't make sense to me!

For 8 years we listened to all the liberals say that George Bush was an idiot and for the last three all we have heard is that he left it so screwed up that Barack couldn't fix it.  All I can say is you can't have it both ways boys and girls.  Either the President is in charge and responsible or we need a new President.  So far, there is no record of a first term President that did such a poor job and got re-elected.  Three months in a row, the number of new jobs was under reported by the Government and unemployment went back up to 8.2% instead of the hopeful 8%.  It is the economy stupid. 

You can run around all you want and make up stuff about gay rights, woman's issues and whatever you desire and nothing is going to fix the record of this administration and their poor showing.  If you are retired or about to do so look at the value of your retirement portfolio and the beating it is taking as the market is again in the dumps.  Yep, all that hope and change has taken a dump right in the middle of most 401K (s).  

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Could not have said it better myself, MUD.

    You have a great weekend, too. Of course, I know that everyday is Saturday when you are retired...but, please continue to keep up with the calendar for our sakes.

    Just sayin'...