Thanks Mom

When my mother died, she left the kids 1/4th of the royalties on some oil property she inherited in Clark County, KS.  When the oil prices went through the roof a few months ago, the oil money started to come in well.  There is one check for gas and one check for oil.  The production company put a new compressor on the Natural gas wells and the LPG is paying nicely.  I hear that a lot of people are saying that we as a Nation could be close to independent if they could get the trucks on LPG. I kind of feel that it doesn't matter what it costs, we are ahead.  I have a brother-in-law working on making his converted bus to LPG.  Looking forward to seeing how it works.

I think the extra oil money is kind of at the heart of my feeling unsettled right now.  I have a few projects at my rental houses to finish but I also have a sudden influx of travel money.  This has caused me a lot of the feeling that I want to go somewhere as opposed to the feeling I have a lot to get done.  I hate to do renovations on my rentals but I know that it is a good investment in the future to renovate things.   I also know that I have a busy schedule of travel coming in September and October.  

I am also doing my best to lose a few pounds as the result of my Doctor's threat.  When I went to the VA, they did some blood work and the PA also ordered my A1C reading done.  When I gave those results to my Doctor, he informed me that a reading of 7.4 was where they would start me on Oral Medication for Diabetes.  Mine was 7.1.  Either lose some weight and keep it off or by this fall I would be officially a diabetic. I have a family history of diabetes and do not want to have that hanging over me.  If I get down to a lighter weight and it happens, I won't feel too bad.  Officially I have lost 30 lbs but a trip to 5Guys yesterday didn't help.   I am blown away by how a single 1/4 lb hamburger and a bag of fries can make you feel so full.  OK, I know that the small fries are what can fit in the rest of the bag after they put in a small hamburger.  I don't even want to think about what a double burger and a large fry would look like.    There is a part of me that just screams for a greasy hamburger now and then.

Have you noticed that your memory has started to take a hit now and then?  I guess at 65 (on 1 August) I should have some of that sharpness disappear.  I do have flashes of the old me but a lot of times it is where did I put those damn keys.  The other night on jeopardy I answered several questions that impressed even me.  When you watch the History Channel you know dumb things like Arabic calligraphy on the Taj Mahal.

Oh well, I had better get on with things and see if there isn't something to do on a Sunday off.  It is nearing g too hot for a bike ride.


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  1. Good job on dropping the pounds so far. Keep on doing it to keep that A1C down. Once you are diagnosed with type 2, it's graze with the cows, finger sticks 3 or more times a day and Metformin for the REST of your life!
    Memory....what memory? The commercials are so long on TV now, I forget what program I was watching. The fun part about watching Jepordy is that you know the answer, but the brain won't spit it out fast enough!
    I guess we will venture to northern Michigan in the fall, meantime a few week end trips to the Smokey Mtn.s are in order. Travel is a welcome break in the routine around here. We think we had better do it while we still can, for there will come a day when it won't be so easy. Ah, the joys of getting older!