Father's Day

I would love to tell you wonderful things about my Dad but I have to be selective to keep this from one of those themes that cause people to say, "You want cheese with that wine (whine)"   I do congratulate my Dad for having great taste in women in selecting the world's greatest "Earth Mother" as his wife.   I think that Virgina Dene Lee Petty more than made up for any shortcomings he had.  In his defense, I do have to say that for a lot of his life my father fought with the demons of Bi-Polar disease.  He was either on top or the bottom with few rough patches in the middle.  When he was in his high as a kite phase he was loving, generous and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  When he was in the other phase, we stayed away from home as much as we could.  Me, I had a sense of freedom produced by those periods of being away that probably has more to do with my self reliance than about anything else.  Late in life, someone found that a daily touch of Lithium made him as normal as any other old man.  In fact he was kind of boring and during that later phase I did have the time to ask him about his life.  Let me tell you he was never boring then and in old life he liked to watch golf and NASCAR.  Two more boring things, I can't imagine.   So, to my Dad I wish him  Happy father's day where ever he is.  I know where his burial place is but I believe we live in the minds and hearts of those whose lives we touch. 

Yesterday, I went to Lawrence, KS to help the family celebrate my sister's 70th Birthday.  Carol Lee Petty Johnson Landis has always been there for us so I made it important to go and celebrate this occasion with sis and her children.  For the record, Carol lee was known as Carol or Katy to most of us and one of the brightest times I remember was Katy and the rest of us singing on our vacation trips to Susank, KS and then Pruitt Arkansas.  Katy went on to become a music teacher and I'm sure that there are bunches of people that today make beautiful music because of her love of music.  I think all of us that went to Minneha on the east side of Wichita were taught a love of music by Mrs Holloway and I know that Katy and I both caught the music bug.  

I also want to make a special shout out to my sister Myrna Sue Petty Deffenbaugh Ikenberry. who is in the Lawrence Rehabilitation Hospital  gaining the strength to come home, where she belongs and be with her husband Raymond Ikenberry.   Sue has had a pretty rough patch of health and we worry about her. Long before I went to school Sue taught me to love to read and My life has been full because of that one talent probably above all.

I guess any words said on Father's day should be a tribute.  Mine is about the people I spent my youth with and will end with a few words about my wife Barbara who has shared the last 44 years with me.  Years back, I saw a movie about a fellow who had a muse who inspired him to write and be a success.  My thoughts at the time were why doesn't this guy just find a wife as wonderful as Barbara.  Notice I didn't say ":My Barbara."  She has and will always continue to be that wonderful person that takes cookies to her son andis one of the best Auntie Barb to all the children lucky enough to visit here at Rabbit Run.

I hope you enjoyed this few words and know that I will spend the rest of my days here trying to be worthy of the love and family I have

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