Finish Line is in Sight

For two weeks, I have been rehabbing the bathroom at my rental house. It started with the floor feeling soft and spongy in places.  I had a case of dry rot that was just pervasive in the entire bathroom.  It appears there was a  leak in the toilet and the wood because it was old just fell apart.  I had to remove about 90% of the sub floor to get it back to a shape where I could put a new surface up.   Because of the limit of what I could carry, I put a fiberglass tub and surround up.  What should have been a three or four day turn around turned out to be a two week project.  I will admit that I have one more day next week of trimming around the floor but that's a far cry from where I started.

For a day or two, I have had a cough and I wonder if it is a slight walking pneumonia from inhaling all the dust.  I know I need to wear a face mask when I am tearing out the old stuff but I just can't stand wearing one.  First it lets my breath fog up my glasses and I am a slight bit claustrophobic.  I am running a slight fever and when it breaks, I am sweaty to the max.  I am going to take a few days off and see if I don't get better before I prevail on the medical system to see what the heck is wrong.  

Did you ever start out a day with every intention to write great pithy comments?  I sure wish I could find that muse to spark me today.  I think I will try to get over to my sister Carol's 70th Birthday party in Lawrence.   If I listen to Barb, I also need to stop somewhere and buy some new shorts.  All of my shorts were of the 44 extra baggy form and I am nearing a 38 in size.   A lot of the weight loss is watching what Barb eats and duplicating her efforts.  Some of the weight loss is working in the small bathroom where I have been one sweat monster. 

 I guess I'll close here and try to find that spark for writing well and funny thing.  


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