Rain! We Got Some Rain!

The weather gods finally smiled on us last night and it looks like we have some measurable rain.  This morning is is about 66 degrees and might stay cool today with a light Northerly breeze.   Just what the doctor and the master gardener ordered.  

Yesterday we went over to the little rental house and started down the path to making it ready to rent.  Seems like curtains are the start of the process each time.  Most of our renters will replace the dated curtains with their own in short order.  I had one renter that smoked and made chili a lot and I had to basically throw those curtains away.  I swear that they were so stiff that when I unhooked them they would stand up by them selves.   Nasty.   It took me over a month of 8 hour days to bring the house back to a decent condition.   This time it is much better.  I do need to put in a GFI outlet in the bathroom as I replaced the only outlet on the overhead light.  The good news is there is an outlet in the kitchen on the back of the sink area do I can just fish a wire through the wall.  It will take a couple of hours and about $100 but well worth the time effort and cost.  I replaced the light over the sink with a less dated version.  

My bigger rental house needs a good coat of paint.  I will also have to replace some of the siding as the weather just ate the old stuff up.  Seems like a lot of work but it keeps me off the street and is helping the weight melt off.  I am down close to 30 lbs and would love to get down another 10 at least.  My biggest problem is that I love to eat and my downfall has been maintenance of the weight in the past.  I am trying to watch Barbara and see how she does it.  I think she eats all the time but in very small quantities.  It is portion control that is my downfall.  I does piss me off that she can eat cookies and I eat one and it settles on my belly. 

I guess sitting here is not helping so I'll close and move on smartly.

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.   If in doubt, leave it alone.  


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