Things I Stand For and Against

I will not try to make this a rant, simply a statement of a few things I stand for and against.
  • People that say they are against prejudice don't understand that it has a positive aspect.  I personally love 57 Chevy's,  Del Monte Catchup, McDonald's french Fries and my wife.  If given a choice, I will choose them every time.  It is a way some minds sort out the decisions into a good, better and best along with the bad, poor and worst list.  You could spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to do, eat, love or read if it were not for a little prejudice in your life. 
  • I am a fiscal conservative.  I believe that income should be greater or equal to out go in all financial matters.  Starting at the personal level all the way up to the National levels.
  • In this world there are people that will not change.  It is wise to know that if someone hates you, they hate you.  It is not wise to spend hours and hours trying to change their mind of buy them off.  Make a list, cross off their name and move on.
  • Yesterday on TV I listened to someone say that Goals without a plan to achieve the goals are just wishes.  Someone else once told me that a plan poorly executed is better than no plan executed well.  Without a plan or a budget to fund the plan, it is simple gambling with your life.  If the Government can't pass a budget, is it any wonder that they overspend by a Trillion or two?
  • I am a Jay Hawker.  The root of that word comes from the love of Freedom and support of all people of all colors, back when they were trying to get this State (Kansas) started. I hate enslavement of anyone at any time. Enslavement can be ideological or Man made and I hate both.  If you vote a straight party ticket you are a slave to that party.  I vote for the person(s) that I feel best support things the way I see them. 
  • Am I one of the few that remembers that Abraham Lincoln who fought a war to keep the USA together and freed the slaves was a Republican?    
  • There was a sign in the cafeteria at school that said take all you want but eat what you take.
  • If you really don't want to buy it, don't ask what it costs.
  • Spend your last dollar on your last day.
  • I abhor stupidity.  Not speech by the uninformed, but speech so stupid that everyone knows the speaker couldn't possibly and fundamentally believe what they are saying. Money Talks and BS walks.  If you don't do it, don't argue that any position is the only way.
  • Most buffets will let you eat all you want, but don't expect to get invited back if you do.
Take this with a grain of anything you desire.  It is just a few of my thoughts.


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