A friend of our family went to Saint Louis to tour the Budweiser Brewery.  They have a nice little Dachshund named Waldo that needed someone to look after him.  Because I just had Taco put down, my Daughter-in-law thought it might be a good experience for me to dog sit. 

I had forgotten how much work it is to dog sit.  It was probably good for me to get up and get out about once every two hours, except at night it was kind of a pain.  Waldo is a good little Dachshund and really gave as much affection as he got.  If it were to be long term, I would move the feed time earlier so he didn't need a 5 AM dump.  He wasn't that much trouble except that he wanted to jump up on Barbara who has a sore back and didn't appreciate the bouncing. 

I think this was a good experience for me and kind of knocked down my desire to get a dog right away.  I have flirted with the idea of raising one of those service dogs in training.  A Golden Retriever would be just the ticket.  They are about the smartest dogs and can be gentle and loving.  I had one in the early 90's and he was crazy about fetch.  Give him a tennis ball and he would spend as much time as you had bringing it back. 

I have my new computer but it has a few glitches yet.  I will get David over to look at it one of these days after I find all the bugs.  I have my Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 but it doesn't seem to be working correctly.  Could be it is loaded on the laptop and there is some kind of a key to unlock.  I'm sure there is some minor glitch.

For some reason I have to go out and manually load the wireless internet so I might just see if I can make the wire work.   We'll see.

Today there has ben a world full of discussion about all the relevant topics.   The top of the list is the President's proposed Budget of 3.7 Trillion.  It is smaller than it could be but it still exceeds the forecasted revenue by about a Trillion.    Not acceptable in my book.  His excuse is that it is revenue neutral in 10 years.  That's just smoke and mirrors and if I did that I would be broke tomorrow morning.

There are a lot of people that are saying Housing is back on the up tick.  The interest rates are getting pretty darned low but the employment market is still pretty iffy.  The only sector that is growing is the minimum wage food service market but most of them are sharing an apartment of living in the parent's basement.  I can't wait to see how the Affordable Healthcare Act will impact them.  Until they are 27 it won't but just wait. 

Better get off here and get the Taxes Done.


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