In With New, Out With The Old

Many moons ago, I bought a Lexmark Printer and over the years, it has served me fairly well until I updated the operating system on my computer.  The Lexmark 2300 printer limped into the newer operating system only because somewhere on line Windows found a driver that would make it work.  On the new computer, either Windows didn't want to find the old driver or it decided that I needed a new printer.  I went to Wally World and found an HP that had a new driver included.  Seems to work fine for now.  I still haven't found the software program that will let me print business cards.  I have a box of blank but nothing seems to want to print multiple copies on any one page.  Here is a Draft

Dennis Petty
Old Retired Army Guy
Critter Feeder
Recumbent Bike Rider
Jack of All Trades (Good at most of them)
Rabbit Run Head Laborer
I will skip all the knitty gritty stuff like the e-mail and telephone number for the draft card.
For the record, here it is 23 Apr 2013 and it is snowing in the Heartland.  There is a turkey feeding about 25 feet south of the house.  He is stirring the leaves and eating whatever he find underneath. He is moving so slow that he has at least an inch of snow on his back. I am a little curious about what is good enough to eat under a pile of leaves, but not enough to go out and see for myself. 
 We are scheduled to drive to KC for lunch but if it continues to snow I'll bet it gets called off.  The monthly lunches started as a gathering of the Petty Girls and someone finally decided that Barb should get an invitation seeing as she is really one of the Petty girls. They let me come along as the designated driver.   Just got a call that the lunch has been snowed out...
Yesterday evening I went down to the trail camera and put out some corn.  Evidentially the coons ate all the corn last night as there is a deer standing by the pan looking at the empty pan and then up at the house like I should bring some more out.  Fat Chance.
Well, like the radio guy once said, "It's a Great Day in KAKELAND."  Have one...

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