Nice Talk with the VA Doctor

Today I went in early and had the full routine of tests taken and then a couple of hours later I had a nice visit with the Doctor the VA has assigned to my case.  There is a Doctor, an RN, an LPN and an aide that is on my roster of assigned people.  Any time I have a direct contact with the VA one of them will review the outcome.  That person then ensures that the other team members know what was done and the outcome.

According to the Doctor, I need to get in line as I am very typical of most 65 year old men.  He was pleased that I am on medication for what ails me and all the tests are in the normal range.  The fact I do not smoke, drink and am fairly moderate in my diet puts me in pretty good stead.  He has many patients that don't follow the advice of the Doctors.  He mentioned the old Army motto of - "Never pass up a chance to eat, nap or go to the bathroom." 

The VA does not have a clue what will come of the VA system and their support to veterans under Obamacare.  He indicated that the determination of Service Connect will be more important as the new system stands up.  As more and more people have Health Insurance under the new law, there will be less need for the VA to try to provide for those individuals that are not service connected on their disability.  He said that even now if a person doesn't have at least an annual contact with the VA they have to reapply for service. 

I am blesses to have both Medicaid and the Tri-Care for life from my Military Retirement.  I am also blessed to be able to afford to have the dental, glasses and other services not fully paid for.  I know that as we all near the end of our lives, the support of a good medical system is very important.


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