Tax Time?

Every year I start out the Tax Season with a card table here by the computer.  I load the latest Turbo Tax and start to work.  If there were a refund involved, I would file immediately.  Because I don't normally, I put it on hold until the last week before the 15th deadline.  Getting pretty close so I'll probably work on it today.

I think mother nature is a sadist.  Our temperatures have bounced between 40 and 70 for a couple of weeks now and just when Barb thinks it will stay above freezing, bam tonight night high 20's.  At least there has been a little moisture in this cold snap but not near enough.  It fell as hail just west of here.  They had inch size hail that covered the ground.

Yesterday there was some talk on the news about how some people may be "Liable" for what they say on the internet.  This is a disclaimer that anything you read here or on my Facebook account is worth what you pay for it.  Any resemblance to absolute fact is a joke.  I am pretty sure that I even say so in the information at the side of the posts.  What you get here is a collections of stories and opinions from an old guy and that is filtered by what I can remember not necessarily through education.  For want of a better term, I will cal it "Faction" as I intended to tell the truth and only the truth but how much fun would that be.  Without embellishment, no one would want to learn history. 

Dave and I made a mad dash over to KC yesterday to visit Computer Mart.  It takes him about 30 minutes to say hello .  I can't imagine where he gets that.  Must be from his mother.   I bought a new wireless keyboard for the new computer and am learning to use it here on the old computer as I write this.  The feel is different and often I fail to hit the space bar with enough fore to space the words out as needed.  I can see the old notebook keyboard above the new keyboard and I can see s divot where I used my thumb to hit the space bar.  I guess I need to learn typing on this one.  I learned on a manual typewriter and because it was in poor shape I have to hunt and poke keys more than I would like.  It is harder to unlearn how to type than it was to learn.  Writing this stuff isn't that hard, making it correct is a lot harder.  Thank god for spell checker.  

Did you ever loose the desire to find new things to cook?  For some reason I just don't feel that need to be a gourmet cook right now.  I think by lunch time I will be over that.  I have some of the best grilled/smoked chicken and pork in the fridge but no real great ideas.  

OH WELL, ON WITH THE DAY. (Damn keyboard)


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