I hate Getting Old

Yes, I know when you consider the alternative, getting old isn't the worst thing that can happen to you.  After working pretty hard in the front yard yesterday, I am feeling pretty beat up this morning.  The bad part is I have a couple of days worth of mowing to do and I am not finished with the gutter work.   I have a pretty long list of "Honey Do's" to go with that but all in good time.  My hope is that after a Naproxen Sodium and moving around a while I will be better.

We had dinner with the kids yesterday and went to Texas Roadhouse.  I like the place but they seem to have different quality steaks from time to time.  This time it was OK but nothing nearly as good as I can do with the Hy-Vee meats,  You can really see the marble in their meats and with a light marinade they are always juicy and tasty.  I guess I should have just picked up some meat and cooked at home.  It was kind of nice to get out.

While we were out, the LA Lakers were on TV.  It seems that everyone was mad that Dwight Howard got two Technical fouls and had to leave the game.    Was I the only one that noticed that they were down 3 games to none and about to lose the fourth?  That's like the Federal Transportation Board wanting to take the license away from the Captain of the Titanic because his deck chairs were in the wrong place.  They were about to lose the game and be out of the playoff's people!  Get over it.  Even if you pay a guy 100+ million dollars he can't do it by himself and it is over...   Sometime in Mid August they will conclude the season just in time to start the training camps for next year.  For me, it has been kind of fun to see all the former Jay Hawks playing for NBA Teams.  Even if Paul Pierce is showing the strain of a long season.

When I was an instructor for a Call Center, I bought a CD of Judy Garland because it had "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  I found it the other day and am listening to it now.  Geez, it is a horrible copy of her music.  She had some pipes and I love her  I'm not sure I can listen to the rest of this CD.  I just changed it to the Rocky IV CD.  The music is dated but it is a heck of a lot better quality. 

Better get on with the day...


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