Warts, We Got 'Em

Today on Facebook someone posted a story about why the USA isn't as loved as most of us think.  That person traveled all over and has been gone for a few years.  During that time, a lot has changed here at home and I for one want to make sure that he doesn't continue to paint me and a lot of my friends with his broad brush of false bravado and inflated egos.

Starting with our own Civil War, it should have been pretty clear that not everyone loved the concept of one great big country under the rule of a Republic type Government run from Washington D.C.  There are many of us in Kansas that hate California and would move to Texas if they promised to secede from the rest of the USA.  We will take our money and visit Las Vegas but wouldn't want to live there.

With that said, there is a lot of people out there that would still be under some form of a Dictator, had that person or Government just left the rest of us alone.  Surely everyone knows that the French and the Italian Armies folded their tents faster than a troop of boy scouts ready to go home after a camp out. 

Travel to some of the great places in the world like North Korea, Vietnam, Panama and Belize to see how a low standard of living can just suck the life out of a country and their people.  I won't even get into the life style of the poor and emaciated that is Africa.  One of my friends went to India and they said they threw away their shoes after treading the streets there.  There was no way they were going to pack them in a suitcase and bring them home. 

A few years ago I traveled overseas and decided that there was a lot of the USA I was going to visit before I went overseas again.   There is just no way I can describe the beauty of Phoenix in February. or the true four seasons here in the Heartland.   There are places I couldn't afford to live and wouldn't if I could.  I live where the people are great, the cost of living is OK and I can do pretty much what I want.

I was warned in a lot of countries that I needed to not be critical of the country because I was their guest.  Right here at home I am free to say that I liked Ronald Regan and am not too fond of Barack Obama. 

Oh, By the Way.  The first Gay Basketball Player came out of the closet and admitted he was gay.  I am at a loss why this is a big deal.  If it is just something you are, why didn't that happen a long time ago?  There are some great gay people out there , one that I love a lot.  I don't ever wonder who does what to who any more than I think about the bedroom action of the Heterosexual relatives.  And, there have been some gay people that I just didn't like for many reasons.  None of my dislike had anything to do with their sexual orientation.

So world, we got warts like everyone else and I hope you get to live where the heck you want to.  I am glad that you live there and just for kicks, try to immigrate to Australia without a key  occupation or a bucket load of cash.  Criticize the king of Morocco from there or try to smuggle your bible into Iraq, Iran of Afghanistan.   



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