Rain, Again

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time working on the downspouts and guttering to try to get the water away the house.  Barb thinks that part of our house creep is being caused by improper drainage.  This morning it is raining and I am glad to have some time off.  The weatherman is predicting rain on and off all day.  

I am not advocating that we stop all news about the Boston Marathon bombing, but is there a limit to what we need to know?  Does anyone really want to hear their mothers tell us that we killed her son?  I am ready for stories of how our citizens are doing in spite of the damage.  I personally don't want to hear any more about the boys except for them to be called terrorists and the survivor get executed.  There was a news segment that was asking the same question I was making.  One of the victims was quoted as saying she doesn't want to know who the bombers were let alone how to say their names, she is doing all she can do to get better.

The five living Presidents were in Texas for the opening of the George Bush (43) Presidential Library.  President Obama then spent time in Waco for the memorial for the emergency responders and fire fighters lost in West, TX.   I know that his time with the families was time well spent for the survivors. 

The other day, I posted a quote on Facebook that I had heard earlier that day. Muslim extremists no more represent the Muslim faith than the Westborough Baptist Church represents Christianity.  So far, there has been little coverage about WBC in the news.    Thankfully.

 We are about to end another school year and the seniors are sending out announcements. Do you have any personal spending limit set on recognition gifts?   I know Barbara will handle this and send a check.  Perhaps limit is not the word I meant to use.  A Guide might be a better word.  Graduation from High School is a big deal and moving on to a form of career training is a big step.  My guide in the past was to go to college but now I recommend training in a career field.  Plumbers, electricians mechanics and nurses are all great careers that don't require a four year degree. 

Better move on to bigger and better things.


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