Green Fair Hell, It Might Snow

I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature about the Global Warming effect here in Kansas.  Normally you can plant after April 15th without much fear of frost.  Not so much this year.  In fact our daytime highs of the 60's for a normal year would be a blessing.   The only good thing I know is that all the rain from the cold fronts passing by is much needed and if that's the price we must pay for rain, I'll wear a coat for a little while longer.  Yes, I know the difference between Climate and Weather.   I gotta have something to write about don't I.

As an added feature for my new computer, Dave installed Dragon, that program that lets you dictate to your computer rather than type.  It will take me a while to get to where I understand all the rules and processes that will make it faster.  I am looking forward to using it as I sit down to write more of my book.  I don't think I will be another success like Lew Grizzard who was able to use his column and write books from them.  I have enough words in the 2,300 posts but I am not sure it is material that will carry over to the medium of a book.  Perhaps a coloring book but I am kind of looking forward to writing not coloring. 

Barb and I made a road trip yesterday to Arnold's Greenhouse down by Leroy, Kansas.  I am proud of her because she managed to get them to refund the cost of a Magnolia Tree she bought there last year and this trip only cost me about $40.00 after the refund.  Yes, I know she buys great plants and this summer things will look great.  She is trying to focus on perennials and most of them make it from year to year.  I wish we had the same luck getting our Kansas Wildflowers to grow.  I think I am going to have to break down and build a greenhouse and start them inside.  We have had very little luck just broadcasting the seeds on the ground.  I am interested in seeing if our experiment last year of covering them with newspaper and clippings will help.  So far I am not seeing much new green popping up.

I was going to stop feeding the deer and turkeys but  Barb looked at the pictures and said they all look like they could use a little help for a month or so. More the deer than the turkeys.  They look like a good Thanksgiving meal to me.  I really don't plan on shooting any of them but it is good to know if I had to eat, there is a good supply nearby.

There has been a lot said to support our troops in the past few years.  I want to pass some of that praise on to the  Police, firemen and emergency workers that have done an outstanding job this past week.  Just as I want to shout Ho ray for the capture of the second Bomber, I am reminded that several of the people who are missing in West, Texas were emergency volunteer fire fighters.  Based on the blast, it would not surprise me that they were vaporized and will never be recovered.  I will send a few dollars there when they start the drive to build a memorial to the loss.  Now, we need to start the move to make sure the fertilized plants are all moved out in the county instead of in the cities.  Had that explosion happened in the middle of the day I would hate to think how many school children they would have lost.  From the pre blast picture, the high school was on one side off the plant and an elementary school was on the other. 

Oh well, off to an adventure in Lawrence.  Have a great day and weekend out there.



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