This morning as I went out to fetch the paper, I really felt the cool starting and it makes me think about all the days between now and next summer that won't be warm.  I don't know why, but in the spring, the warmer weather is such a positive thing and in the fall I just begin to be a little sad.

In a couple of weeks, I will be attending my 50th High School Reunion.  I really have mixed feelings about attending.  The one real positive note is that my first friend in life has agreed to be there and that will make it all worthwhile.  My Friend, Harvey and I will have talks that just start where the last one's ended.  We have walked the same streets and miles for so long that we know almost what the other person is going to say.  Barb is probably thankful that I have someone else to share my stories with.

If modern technology is such a great thing, why doesn't someone create an App that helps me organize all the paper here around my computer.  To save them money, they put their instructions on line as paperless.  I have to print all that crap out and now I need to have help organizing.   I have one notebook full of all the passwords I need to sign in and out.  The other day I needed to change the bank I use for one little auto pay and I had to print out three pages of instructions and had to create another password.  I always feel so great when a new system tells me that the password I chose is "Strong."  Generally they are so strong that even I can remember what the hell I typed. 

The other day, I used Firefox and now Google has inserted some kind of instructions in the upload that completely blocks me using it.   I am pretty sure that it is some kind of a Google plot to block me from using Firefox but I could never be sure.  If they really were so protective of cookies, they would hunt down the girl scouts and leave me the hell alone.

I am a person that loves a good book if it has a great plot and a lot of Adventure.  I read Clancy (RIP), Patterson,  WEB Griffin, and a host of others.  For some reason, I have been buying the WEB Griffin books and have a pretty complete collection.  The latest book back in the Philadelphia COP series just didn't seem to be nearly as good as his books in the past.  Oh well, another case of my taste changing with time. 

How come the clerk of the court can get divorced three (or four) times and yet profess that she won't allow Gay Marriages?   What God brought together  let no man put asunder was a part of at least one of her vows yet she can dictate others cant even bring it together.  I am strictly a letter of the law kind of guy in a lot of areas.  I hate the idea of Abortion, but I adhere to the letter of the law.  I damn sure don't want zealots to make that kind of decision for other women. 

Have you noticed that I have kind of backed off from the criticism of the Catholic Church?   The pope has lifted the excommunication of women who have had an abortion.  At least now they can tell the truth and stay in the church.  Now if they will open the church to more women in higher rolls, things will get better.  Not that I really care from the outside.

Better get with the program.  Lots to do today.  Might even work in a bike ride.


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