Down Day

This morning Barb said that it is kind of strange that we have a day with nothing on our agenda.  She promptly got up and went out to collect milkweed leaves to feed all the monarch caterpillars she is raising.  My initial thoughts were that it was a good day to turn the chicken we grilled yesterday into enchiladas.  So, busy minds turn in a nothing day into a busy one.

We went to Lawrence to have dinner with my sister and my brother that drove up from Tulsa.  We then went up the street to see my other sister and visit with her some.  Great food and even better conversation.  Stopped off at Wal Mart on the way home and sure enough, further on down the road remembered something we were going to get.  I noticed that were were out of dishtowels and Barb admitted that she  retired some of the more holey ones from service.  Oh well, need to go shopping a little for the things I need for enchiladas.  

I am really concerned about the upcoming trip out west.  I am not sure how my body is going to do with a couple of days behind the wheel.  I guess I will need to have a lot more exercise stops planned in.  I will take my swim suit and visit the pools every evening.  If our Daughter-in-law comes, we will both need the breaks.  

When we bought our new computer, the deal included a new cannon printer.  So far I can't seem to make it work with either of our computers.  It is supposed to be a wireless printer but it doesn't even act like it wants to talk to the modem.  Oh well, I have time to look into it today.

Better get rolling and see what else Barb needs while I  am out.


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