Rain Again?

This morning I went out to get the paper and the sidewalk was still wet from an overnight rain.  Sure glad I went with my instincts instead of the forecast.  I did put everything away yesterday just in case.  I did have to dump about three inches of rain out of the little red radio flyer from the last rain.   I sure hope the trash men can handle the cans that were out overnight.

By this afternoon, I plan on going up to Dave's and doing some mowing.  Seems like I never get finished and it needs done again.   When I finish there, I probably will need to go to the rental house again also. 

Barbara and I changed out bank as the old one moved and their drive through didn't work all the time.  When we went to close that account, we realized there are a couple of auto pays that I need to take care of.  When the VA gave me a 10% disability, they didn't give me more money, they just made a small payment that came out of my Military retirement that is not taxable.  I had forgotten that as I moved things from one bank to another.  One of these days I will tell you about trying to get that changes through the VSA system but not today.  I also have one prescription that is paid out of the old bank but only once every 90 days.  I will try to get Tricare to change that sometime today.  The sad part is that I will probably also stop taking that medicine some time this year. 

In the past, when we traveled I had a 17inch screen portable that I took along to stay in touch.  I bought a 13 inch HP tablet for my birthday and am slowly learning how to enter the touch screen Windows 10 era.  I am fond of the convenience but hate having fingerprints all over my screen.  The new tablet is so small and light that it will be nice to lighten the load.

Our Local PBS station had been running the Ken Burns special the Civil War that was first shown about 20 years ago.  Every time Barb comes downstairs and see it on, she says,  "Just so you know, the North Won that war."  Spoilsport.  For me, it is a trip down memory lane and I love to see how the battles unfolded.  If England or France had pitched in the South  might have won that war.  As it was, the North did their best to lose the war for a couple of years.  Oh well, that was 150 years ago.

Well, I guess I had better get ready to go tackle things in the real world.  Have a good time out there.
My snarky comment today was to a person that asked me to repost something on Facebook.  "Reposting things on Facebook is like wetting your pants in a dark suit.  It gives you a warm, feeling and no one notices."  Unless it gets posted of YouTube


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