Rain Again

Last night there was a loud thunderstorm that crossed over the heartland.  I don't mind the rain so much but it does play Havoc with DirecTV.  Normally I really don't care but PBS was showing a rerun of the ken Burns series the "Civil War."   I cannot explain how much I enjoyed that series when it ran years ago.  I sat on the floor with my Civil War Battle maps and traced the battles as they were discussed.  I think I also have the Sound Track to that series somewhere.  

Yesterday we took the kids out to lunch at Applebys.   It just blows me away that a lunch for five can be $100 when you throw in a tip.  I always tip well and try to even make it a little better.   I guess the waitress didn't hear me when I told her to keep the change.  She brought me what would be the tip and she sure smiled when I told her that I wanted her to have it.  She worked hard and did well.

Somewhere in among all the work Dave did with my computer, my mouse got misplaced.  He brought me one that had no batteries in it.  Even with new batteries, that one was dead and the new one no where to be found.   Oh well... 

I finally have the new printer working but I had to hook it up hard wire.   It is supposed to be wireless but I haven't figured that out yet.   

Does anyone know why there are few if any Butter finger Bites out there in the stores?   I found them a couple of weeks back and really like them.  Now I have looked at several stores and the shelves are bare.  They have the Butter finger peanut bitter cup bites but the regular ones just are missing.  

Barb and I are working hard on using cash as much as possible.  We were hacked and don't really want out Credit Card or Debit Card data out there for the hackers to use.   This does cause the Credit card company to cal us when we really do use the card but that's their job.  We will call them right prior to our trips and let them know to expect there to be some use on the cards.   

I am getting terrible at remembering passwords for the different programs I use on my computer.  Just last night I had to log into Facebook on the new little computer and  for the life of me could not remember it.  Oh well, resetting passwords is something I should do more often.

Better log off here and go see if I can get another mouse at Walmart.   I don't shop Best Buy anymore.


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  1. When you get a new wireless mouse be sure to change the receiver part that plugs into the computer to be on the same frequency as the mouse. I get mine at Office Depot for less than $20.