Update from Yesterday

Well Crap oh dear, I forgot to get more corn tortillas for the enchiladas.  Went to Wal Mart and bought some of those dish towels and still forgot the tortillas.  Oh well, trip three sometime today and we'll be OK.   I am sure we are going to get out as the kids have agreed to have lunch with us.  There was no shortage of things to cook in the icebox so no one went hungry.

Yesterday afternoon I took the opportunity to finish a new Patterson book.  Typical, bad guys play havoc and then the good guys win.  Throw in a little romance without the sexy parts and it will be another money maker for the Patterson book writing empire. Is he dead yet?  Nah, I think that was Clancy.

When I finish here, I am going to dive into the printer hook up project.  I can't seem to make it all work using the wireless system.  Perhaps I am not holding my mouth right.  I will go for the wired hook up to make it talk and then attack the wireless system.  Will keep me off the streets.

The weather here is very unsettled right now.  The clouds are almost not moving and there is thunder being passed from cloud to cloud.  A light rain is again falling and Barb says we can always use it.  I think that in spite of the rain this year, our garden didn't produce nearly as much as drier years.  I can remember having the counter buried with tomatoes and not so much this year.  We do have some Okra the size of small rockets but our cukes and tomatoes just aren't as good or big.  We have actually gone to the farmer's market and bought tomatoes.

I wrote to my brother-in-law to see what he thought about trying to build a chainless drive shaft system for the recumbent.  I was kind of amazed when he didn't think it was worth the time to pursue it.  He said that chains are 98% efficient and he didn't see the chain slap and grease as a problem.  Perhaps he like me is just getting too old to want to change.  It is more that I don't have the ability to make the change than it is the desire to change.

With the cloud cover, it is still pretty dark outside for 8:30 in the morning.  I guess there will be a lot of people coming home early from the last days of summer at the lake. 

OH well, write if you get work.



  1. Maybe you could take some links out of that long chain to solve the chain slap. Ask your brother-in-law what he thinks about doing that.

  2. I have added chain links, subtracted chain links and it is just the long chain that is the problem.