Over and over the Media is asking the same question.  Why are people shooting the police?   I contend that in many cases, there is no real why in the mind of an irrational person.  The old saying is "Actions speak louder than Words" is an answer in its self.   I will just make you crazy to try to figure out what causes crazy people to commit what we cal senseless crimes.  

One thing that I feel will help us as a society is to try to figure out how we can develop in young children a sense of value in the "self."  If a person does not feel that they have any value, why would you think they value the life of others?   I see that people are putting up signs that say Black Lives Matter, White Lives matter and lives matter.  On the surface, this is just one big DUH to me.  I don't see how a person that gets up out of bed can feel any other way.  My motto is every day above ground is a good day.  I will admit that I am a lot nearer to the end of my life than the start.  I will also admit that I have it pretty darned good right now.

This morning we went over to the west side of town to have breakfast with our daughter-in-law and her parents.   There is a Perkins that manages to serve platters of food that contains enough calories to get me through at least the other half of my day.  There is a "Skillet" that has deep fried potatoes, bacon ham and eggs covered with two more eggs, cheese and a dollop of gravy.  I quit eating with some left on the plate.  I am sure that I would have to come home and take a nap if I ate it all.  Wait, a nap doesn't sound that bad under about any circumstance.  

My good friend Harvey called me today to see if I was going to the 50th High School reunion this weekend.  I told him wait out as I needed to check the schedule.   It is really  the last weekend in September not the first weekend.  I told him that if He would go I would.  I need to get him notified of the right weekend.  Don't you hate it when you get old and the days drift together?  

Just this morning, we talked about what day of the week it is for retired people.  Every day is Saturday to us.  In fact, I try to do most of my weekly activities on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday so I don't get over run by people that aren't retired.  With Labor day coming up this weekend, most of the stores will be closed on Monday so it is really important to get things done early.

Oh well, did I say nap?


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