Looking Back or Forward

For some reason, I have an incredible ability to remember things from the past or the ability to replicate things I think I remember.  I will tell you that while I can remember crying some at things that upset me, I really don't dwell on them.   I remember a lot of laughter with a fairly large family. I think that I like to look forward but am an optimist about the past.  

Today there was an editorial from a woman that has given up the modern electronic approach that had captured a lot of people.  I am a conservative in a lot of areas but I try to stay attached to the electronic part of my life.  I haven't given in to the need to stay attached to my cell phone 24/7.  I carry it for my use and am quite annoyed when I get a call from someone I don't know (or want to know)  I seldom use it to google things.  I will admit that it might save us some time but when you reach our age, who cares about one or two hours spent doing something with someone you love.  

I made the mistake of bad mouthing the catholic church with a friend who is a very outspoken catholic.  After about 20 minutes of him trying to convince me that I was wrong, we finally agreed to part ways and claim no harm, no foul.  I cannot find it in my heart to let the idea of a few old men to control things they need to.  I think I have said that while I find abortion a horrible form of birth control, I can't figure why the church need to be involved.  Likewise, why are there no women priests?  Surely they couldn't do a worse job that the reported pedophiles.  Did I mention that I find celibacy a stupid idea?  

OK, I know I have offended a lot of you out there, and there are a bunch of you that I love very much and do not think your religion really upsets me.  If it makes you happy, who am I to really complain?  

Today is mowing day here at Rabbit Run. I am just waiting for the grass to lose some of the dew so it will be easier to discharge the grass and not leave large clumps of grass all over the yard.   I am still having problems with the weak blades on my Cub Cadet mower.  If I thought I could unload this mower I sure would.  I need something that holds up to a little heavier terrain.  The last time I mowed, I noticed that there was a line being drawn by the mower deck after mowing a section.  The blade wasn't bent bad but it was tipped down on one side of the blade.  It was either that or the height adjustment had slipped again.  Nope, the blade was bent a little.  

Oh well, gotta run.  Have a great day out there.


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