Idea for all of the Ages

Once upon a time many years ago, I was a driver for the Jazz festival held in Topeka.  I got to meet and greet most of the performers for the 3 day festival as we rode back and forth between the Airport in Kansas City and Topeka.  There was and still isn't regular flights into Topeka.  I think we are the only Capitol City without a regular airline flight.

On one of the trips, there was a lady from New York extolling the virtues of her Senator, Hillary Clinton.  She had a long list of friends that Hillary and her staff had done things for.  I calmly asked her if she or anyone else in the van could tell us one things Hillary had done for America as she is a Senator first and from New York second.  To a person, no one in the van could tell us what Hillary had done for the United States.  That was where my idea started.  (This is not designed to bash Hillary, but to point out that most of the senators are like that)

Today someone pointed out how much better off we would be if the President once elected no longer had any political affiliation.   I love that idea and thing it should apply across the entire body politic.  Why does any senator go to Washington expecting to serve his state or political party?  They belong to all of us and they should do what is good for all not just any State or party.

I am not sure where we can take this wonderful idea and make it so, but nothing else is working so why not give it a chance.    Would we be better off if the President and the Vive president were the top two people in the vote count?  OK, I will let that one rest for now.


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