Buck Tools

I think everyone should share their experiences with tools and tell both the good and bad. I would like to share with you my experience of a Buck Tool knife and why I am angry.
My first experience with Buck tools was when a member of my Fire Direction Team asked his wife to send him a knife and a small hand hatchet. Her parents owned a hardware store so she went in and asked them what was the best they had. You guessed it, Buck Tools was the answer. We were all asked to examine the fine tools when they arrived but not allowed to use them. Most of us had our own stuff and it wasn't a big hairy deal, just a deal. I didn't rush home and buy Buck Tools but I did remember the quality and filed the information away for future purchases.
What do you get for the man who has everything he needs? One Birthday I asked my wife to purchase a tool/knife combination so I would have a screwdriver or a knife when I needed one. I had seen a "Leatherman" but just didn't see the quality I needed. (Probably a stupid perception but hey, this is my story)
My loving wife made the same purchase decision that had been made in 1968 and asked for the best and the salesman handed her a Buck Tool. Fine quality, locking blade, stainless steel and almost any tool/blade combination you could want. I wasn't too proud of the nylon holster but figured that they must know what they are doing to put such an expensive knife in a non-leather sheath.
As luck would have it, I wore it at my side for almost a year. I was up on the roof of my In-laws place and noticed that it was missing. I stopped what we were doing and luckily found it under a pile of roofing material we had removed. That was a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. I sent the nylon sheath to Buck and they replaced it. I figured that it was probably just a fluke and poor workmanship. Put the knife in the sheaf and wore it on occasions when I needed it, not daily.
This past month we went on a road trip out west and I again put the knife on my belt. Somewhere in our travels, I started the day with it and finished the day without it. The crummy sheath broke down and it fell off. Wouldn't you think a Company that builds a $30.00 + knife would know that they just can't put it in a crummy sheath?
Guess they just don't want to maintain their reputation. Every failed product is shared with at least seven others. Good products are mentioned but often go unnoticed. Shame on Buck Tools for selling a product that fails. Kind of like the Ford Exploder that had faulty tires and would roll over when one of them blew.

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