Why I shop at Wal*Mart

I have a saying that I have everything I need, most of what I want and a Wal*Mart nearby. This is a metaphor for the wonderful life we live here in America. If we aren't the most pampered people in the world, why is being overweight and all of its associated illnesses the leading cause of death.
Do we not all love to go where the choices many and the prices low? I am not saying that we all drive Rolls Royces, but we all drive.
Now on to a rant I am building up inside. The Chevrolet Division of General Motors hired me right out of College. They were building gas hogs and got caught right in the middle of an oil crisis (1st of Many) with cars that got lousy mileage and were at worst tanks on wheels. At best they were tanks to avoid getting hurt when you got run into sitting in a gas line by a passing Toyota. Yes, Boys and Girls, I bought a VEGA for the mileage. That was the first disposable car that self destructed in 50,000 miles and if you replaces almost all of the running gear it would rust away at 100,000 miles, I swear the last time I raised the hood on that car, the hinges had rusted away from the forward radiator support and the hood fell forward and knocked off the fan and water pump. I think the salvage took it without charging me but only because of my superior negotiating skill. I think I threw in the CB radio and the 8 Track tape to sweeten the deal.
Now, I listened to a GM official talk about the real hard standards coming out of Washington for 2010. His comment was that for every 100 lbs the average weight of the fleet is reduced the death tool increases .037%. This would be true if everyone continued to drive SUV's and Suburbans. Have you driven by a used car lot lately? You can buy large vehicles cheap. I think the word is out that gas is expensive and getting more so each week. This GM guy had the audacity to talk about people not being able to tow their travel trailers with smaller cars. So stay in Motels with the money you save. Tow one of those damn things across the US (Georgia to California in 2005) and you will understand that it is a whole lot like work and not cheap.
I guess what I mean to say here is that not enough people really understand that we can buy darn near anything we want at Wal*Mart and should celebrate our good fortune. 4226


  1. I still think Target is cheaper... and nicer.

  2. Our target store is way across town.I do like to stop in there and get a bag of popcorn. As to prices, they are pretty even. As I drove across the West I stopped at a lot of Wal*Mart stores and found their bathrooms to be pretty clean and it is always a good place to walk around. Heck, I even had a Nathan's Hot dog at a Wal*Mart in Nebraska. MUD