Good Morning America!

The opening line in "Good Morning Vietnam" has been somewhat modified for my purposes. His greeting was one that if you could hear it you were alive and survived the night for another day. That's kind of how I am beginning to feel. I know, don't say "survive" to the Baby Boomers as we feel our age enough.
The weather here today is a mixed bag of clouds from the south and a cool front from the north set to collide somewhere over the heartland. It is only the luck of the draw if we will get some much needed moisture or some real severe storms. The air outside is so heavy with moisture that you can almost taste the rain. Normally it does feel a little more damp in the morning but this is more like almost 100% humidity and the sun is hidden behind a heavy layer of clouds.
We had the kids over for dinner last night and had a good time. They brought our "other daughter" Mel and she always adds a nice touch to our conversation. To make it even better she liked my fruit salsa. I knew Dave wouldn't are for it but neither of Da Barbs's liked it. Thankfully Mel took some home or I would have eaten the entire bowl. It was Mangoes, onions, pineapple, peppers, cilantro and a little lime juice. It was sweet and spicy. The Fajitas were as good as usual. I used a pretty good steak and a grilled chicken so the meat was good and tasty. I even have enough chicken to make some chicken and noodles. (Don't tell anyone but there is a couple of nice pieces of steak set aside for a dinner also.
Every once in a while I remember a story about Vietnam. I have to go back over the stuff I have written to see if I have it recorded in my stories for a book. I am beginning to think a bunch of my stuff put together as short stories might be the way to go. Hell, I am not sure if I have it in me to provide enough continuity to make it a history or biography. Besides, by this time the facts and the war stories have so melted together that at best it would be Faction, or just the memory of an old war horse.
Keep it simple boys and girls life is complicated enough out there. 4163


  1. Yum! The salsa, that is, not the meat part. Sounds like a great recipe. and a little like this fabulous hot salsa they serve at a restaurant called Bone Fish Grill. They serve it warm, though.

    So he's a fab cook too. :-)

  2. One of the kids said it reminded them of Chutney except is was cold and the chutney is either at room temperature or warm. MUD