I Don't Care

Barb and I have seen exactly 0, zip, zilch, Nada or nothing of the Soprano's. Is it any surprise that WE DON"T CARE how it ends? It is kind of like where Paris is spending her days. We Don't Care.
Right now I am in the western part of Nebraska in a very nice hotel. It says Days Inn outside but it is about the best so far.
I will be glad to get back home and make plans on how to spend the rest of the summer.
Driving in to our Motel, I saw a Perkin's restaurant sign and just a little while ago Barb wanted to get something good to eat. I headed out in the direction of a greeen sign and wound up at a RUNZA. They make beerocks and burgers. Barb finally forgave me and had their children's menu.
See you all later.

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