We are Americans

I have about had it with the label "Conservative" worn like it was a badge and "Liberal" to be shunned at all costs. We are all Americans and our basic form of government tells us to feel free about our speech and to respect the rights of others.

My wife Barbara was a teacher and has a lot of ideas about the implementation of things different than I do. When we really sit down and discuss our goals, we are both mostly on the same page. We agree that we need to have good education to help our students be the best they can be. We agree that it should be well funded and both agree that teachers have a tough job and are underpaid. Our real only argument is where in our system the funding should come from and what limits should be put on it. My contention is that is you have the funding at the State or National level you will find a lot of rules placed on you from those levels.

Now, go out there and play nice boys and girls. I am a conservative and my form of change is to do the right thing each time and don't make any laws you can't, don't or won't enforce.

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  1. It *is* too bad we can't all 'play nice". Would make for a better world.