Stupid Things about me!

I was born in Wichita, KS in 1947. 1st son of a WWII Vet. He worked at Beech so I'm a son of a "Beech" crafter.

I have always had an obsession with stupid old Chevy's. I have owned a Ford but hated almost every minute of it. Wouldn't buy one today. Not even a Mustang!

I graduated in the bottom third of my High School class. (hell, I'll bet it was the bottom 10%) I was supporting an old chevy, a girl friend and working damn near full time. Who had time to study? I think it was an amazing feat to have graduated at all.

It took me ten years to get from High School to my college degree. OK, there was a war on and that took three years of that time. The end was the goal so it didn't matter how long it took me.

Just as I finally get to a point in life where I really could afford a corvette, I couldn't afford the gas. (or the insurance, property tax, depreciation and the aggravation it would cause with my wife)

I sing. Loud and often. Sometimes just to myself.

My best friend built my recumbent bike. I gave him a dog just to share the love. No, I haven't sent dog food but I did send him dog biscuits for Christmas. The dog won't accept money.

For most of my life I have been very impulsive and make snap judgments. This works about 85% of the time and really pisses off some people. You either like me or you really hate me. very few people just know me and don't have a care one way or the other. But, neither do I.

Did you know that you can get everything you need and still find it boring? Just thought you might like to know There is no shortage of things to do but here I sit on this idiot box. At least it isn't a cell phone while I'm driving. I may be unsafe at any speed but I'm not going anywhere right now.

I hate rainy weather and could not live in a place where I couldn't see the sun, a lot! Went to Seattle one year for Christmas and hated every minute of it. Well, not every minute but most of it. Spent one year in Vietnam and went through a Monsoon season. Some time watch Forrest Gump and the part about his time in the rain there. Yes, it started to rain and four months later it stopped.

Gotta run, perhaps I can convince the wife to escape with me.


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