Yes boys and girls, Mean Uncle Denny is confused about how many rights am I willing to give up and where I draw the line. Lets start with the Mandatory Stop traffic lanes. The US Government has been giving grants to States to hold traffic stops with officers on Over-Time to enforce the drunk driving laws. Should I be glad they are doing something to help stop the carnage or should I be mad that they are doing "Group Stops"? As a current non drinker, anything that will help stop 17,000 alcohol deaths each year should be good. What is my expectation of privacy in my own car? Where do I give up rights for the good of society and where do I draw the line. The US society has cried foul about 3,500 deaths in 4 years of War in Iraq and yet during that same time we have had over 120,000+ deaths (44,000 in 2006 alone) in vehicular accidents and half of those alcohol related. Dang, I thought life was going to be simple.
In a lot of Urban areas there are surveillance cameras capturing my lovely picture without my permission (permission hell, without my knowledge in most cases) . This is an invasion of my right to privacy but wait a minute, the killer of the Smith girl in Overland park was solved because of the Mall video camera captured the picture of the perp forcing the girl into her car. His neighbor identified the guy and called the police within days of the crime. It wasn't fast enough to prevent the crime but it did solve the crime. Dang, Is my right to privacy overridden for the public good? hum, this slippery slope is just way more invasive to my rights than I want. But, if I want true peace perhaps I want Big Brother watching. Nah.
Take all the guns away from bad guys. Wait a minute, the only people the law knows has guns are the good guys. Hum, Do I want to live in a polite society where people are nice because you just never know who has a gun? Wait, I know automatic weapons, no my 9mm is a semi auto and they would be next. Crap, just when I found out that I could carry a concealed gun in Kansas, I find out that the gun must be registered. Crap this being god stuff is hard.
OK, I want to know who is in charge of measuring what laws work and what laws don't. Oh, Springfield, Illinois was the State Capital with the smallest crime rate? What do you mean they didn't report any crime? Thats the ticket, arrest the bastards BUT DON'T REPORT IT! Wait, that's what people say is wrong with the Patriot Act.
Oh well, now you can see why I am confused. Oh Shit oh dear! I hope it didn't ruin your thinking.

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