Build that Ark and do it fast!

For the second time in a couple of months a front has stalled out over the heartland and given us enough rain to make it a soggy doggy out there. I can tell it has about rained enough when the big black dog goes in the dog house. The smaller female is there a lot but I have seen Taco out in the snow as it has fallen here. For him to get in the dry dog house is an amazing event.
What do you do when it rains for several days straight. I gave up drinking so that's not an option. I have read until my eyes feel like they are bleeding. I have cooked a lot and even Barb is beginning to complain that I'm spoiling her weight watcher's figure. Oh well, you will probably just get more of me here on the blog site.
Yesterday I even updated one of my old Vietnam stories. I did have a lot of trouble telling facts from nothing as I just couldn't remember a lot of the details in any sort of an organized fashion. I guess that only with spell checker can I be an editor let alone an author.
Did I mention the rain? By the water level in the yard art and dog bowls, I figure it has rained about 4 inches this week. The good news is that it was a slow steady mist most of the time. Just south of us there are flood warnings as they have had a steady rainfall. For our family in the west, imagine if you will that your entire rainfall for the year fell in a week in May and now a week in June. It has rained a lot in June but usually in the first week of June when the National Guard is in camp at Fort Riley.
I know, post some pictures! that is always good for an hour or two. Read the paper, looked at the ads and in spite of some good prices have no desire to go shopping. 4357

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  1. I for one am sick, sick, sick of this rain!! I need sun to function, I am with you on the Seatle deal. I think I will clean out some cupboards today...fun stuff!