Happy Fathers day to all the Dad's out there if they stop by to read this.
At the age of 60 (nearly) most of the baby-boomers no longer have living fathers. We are in a lot of cases the patriarch of the family and need to act like it. With that said, I do miss my father in spite of a lot of his short comings. No, I am not going to use this as a rant and list them, I am going to just think about my dad and how I can be the best father I can.
One of my flaws is that I try to do too much and often get lost in the projects. When I focus on one task I generally do it well, but often have a lot more started than completed. It has been said that I would rather learn a new computer program than use all the one's I have. Right now I have an external drive hooked up that for some odd reason I have to re-boot each time I use it. The host computer just has one file that it can't remember to save when I shut down. Yes, one of these days I'll get it all figured out but not today.
I hope that all you fathers out there are as proud of your kids as I am. Our son is bright, articulate and hard working and suffers from the CCS syndrome as I do. (That is Can't Complete Stuff) He has a series of projects around his house that aren't complete either.
A couple of posts back there are Pictures of Dave and his wife Barb renewing their vows on the deck of the Star Ship Enterprise in Vegas. That youthful outlook is one of the special reasons we love them so much. Traditional lockstep fundamentalists (Name omitted) have a tough time trying to figure out why I want to go back to Vegas and renew our vows. The kids are a lot like Nike and "Just Do It!". It was a hoot and I hope they will enjoy the warm glow of friendship for a long time.
Today on my father's day, I will do the one thing I really enjoy and can get done, I'll cook. I grilled up a chicken on the new rotisserie and some steaks. This will be the foundation for some great Fajitas when the kids come over this evening. I have invited their best friend and our other daughter Mel to come with them.
Better move on and get some of the prep done. Barb has discovered a Guacamole at Sam's Club that is better than anything I have ever done and at lest there won't be some strange green stuff turning brown and thrown out when it grows fuzzy in the fridge. I will try to re-make my fruit salsa pretty soon. 4148

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  1. Happy Father's Day MUD!! Hope it was great.