Just What is a Blog?

I often wonder just what is the purpose of my Blog? Am I writing to emote, entertain, inform or vent? Sometimes what I write is left out there like a dog in a pen and sometimes I stir up a storm of people that take offense. One time I vented about some of the blog sites I hated and my niece called me a dick. I really hate it when blogs get so patterned that there is no longer original thought. Wordless Wednesday was a cute idea but sometimes I just don't want to post pictures on Wednesday. I hate it when I am surfing and the new blog has managed to override the next blog button and I have to back up to go forward. Don't get me started about music that blares out of some blogs.
One of the blog sites I visit is written by a Canadian. What is it that we in the lower half of North America really know about Canada? It is one big cold place with two seasons, winter and road repair. Their national bird is the mosquito and they all say "A" and talk like Garrison Keeler. See, I told you that I don't know much about Canada. Typical Damn American.
Why has our country become "Televisionized"? After years of watching programs that are neatly wrapped up in an hour we expect everything to be clean neat and done in a short period. We shouted from the sidelines when we chased Saddam out of Kuwait and 10 years later we threw him out of power in a month and slam bam everyone wants it to be over and go home. In our country where we respect freedom and privacy and public participation it took us from 1861 to 1865 to settle out civil war and many years of getting over the wounds to bring us back together. In Iraq there was a horrible dictator that ruled by torture and fear for many years and we expect them to be a functioning independent country prior to our election next year?
Hell, if we listened to some people we should say in 90 days, "it's over".


  1. A blog is a place where you can do what you want. If you want to participate in WW then you can...if you don't want to then don't. It is a place to vent...a place to love...a place where you can do, and say, and be whatever you want without anyone else telling you what you can and can't do. Yeah....that's it.

  2. Anything you need to know about Canuckistan, just ask.