Great Story

Today I was over at the rental house working on the porch roof. I replaced the part of the porch that was rotten and decided the roof needed to be fixed or the wood would probably rot out again.
The Cox Cable guy showed up to shut down the cable. I showed him where the box was and he even used my ladder to unhook the system there at the house.
We talked about life and he mentioned his son was going to Washburn. I told him that Dave was going there and doing ok. He said his son took 12 hours this last semester and passed only three. I guess the no one watching if you show up to class was such a novel idea that he stopped going to a couple of his classes. The Cable Guy told me that he had a heart to heart talk with his son. It seems that from the beginning the Mom and Dad have saved for the college education. The kid was going to go to classes and work hard or they were going to send him out in the world to make do on his own. The Cable Guy told his son that they were going to spend the college fund money on them and he would have to pay for it on his own. The son what are you going to buy? The answer was a Corvette and a Boob Job. Sounds like a pair of winners to me.


  1. I will share this story with my teenager for sure!

  2. Sad for stupid son, great for the parents, I guess. But a Boob job? sigh