Disconnected Thoughts

Every day I read the morning paper here in the Heartland and on occasion some thing or things just hit me and stay until I manage to write about them. Here are a few of the things near and dear today.
Immigration: The President has offered 4.4 Billion (Yes Billion) to strengthen the border. This is a part of the offer to pass a law by congress that will in effect grant amnesty to 12 Million illegal immigrants. Now, don't get me wrong, I love most of the Mexicans here in Topeka and have personally benefited from having a roofing crew that was mostly Mexican re roof my house. It is the idea that we have spent Billions of Dollars overseas and allow our border to be so porous. It is to me a simple deal. Kind of like taxes. Enforce the laws against employers that employ illegals and when the jobs dry up the illegals will go home.
Health Care: On the other side of this ugly coin about illegals, there is a shortage of health care workers to provide support to the elderly just as the baby boomer's are hitting the age where a little help will go a long way. Most of us have visions of living a long and happy life in our homes and yet do not have a good way to get around and stay there if we are "Mobility Impaired". having someone to come in a few hours a week or each day will keep us in our homes. If this pool dries up because of the above paragraph, we will wind up in nursing homes.
Health Care 2: How come the cost of health care goes up over 10% when the inflation rate is less than 4%? I know the cost of an education is on the increase but there must be a lot of sticky fingers in the pot causing this rate increase. I would think our Government should put together a panel to look into this but that too would add to the cost probably more than the other fingers. Health care needs to be free at the opposite ends of life. The young and the elderly need to be protected form the great increases in cost for health care.
Gasoline: Having just returned from a road trip of 3000 + miles, I am concerned that the true cost of gas is on the way (way, way, way) up and we as a nation are not prepared for it. People are still dragging around travel trailers with pickup trucks all over the place. Yes, I know how convenient it would have been to have my own place to stay on this trip and yes, the lodging cost as much or more than the gasoline. If I had doubled my gas cost, added taxes and insurance on the buses and trailers I'll bet I could have stayed at motels for the difference. Europe is paying over $5.00 a gallon (I am aware that they buy the stuff by the liter and pay with Euros) When the full effect of China's increased consumption hits, we will be in big time gas shortages or in for big time cost increases.
Pornography: Here in the Heartland there has been an increased enforcement of prison time and fines for purveyors of Pornography if it has minors in it. By the same token, a 38 year old man was put on probation for having sex with a 14 years old girl? Our laws don't make sense to me and I am confused. At least one of our really liberal judges has informed us that he will not run again in the next election. The above act is one of the reasons I always vote no for the judges on any ballot. They should come up for some public scrutiny like the rest of us.
Other that this short list, things here at Rabbit Run are Hunky Dorey and it is great to be home. MUD

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