I beg your Pardon?

I think it is way too funny that the one time President Bush has used his pardon ability everyone cries big wet tears. Where was the protest when President Clinton pardoned 120 people the last few days of his presidency? Do you all remember that President Ford pardoned Nixon? At least people should study history and get it half right. I hope they do have a panel examine the Presidential Pardon issue and make sure that everyone has the right information. The Constitution should be the final answer.
Another example of stupid things people say is the 9-11 theory that President Bush conspired to blow up the Trade Center Buildings in New York. Rosie and her conspiracy buddies continue to rant that it wasn't planes full of people and gas, but explosives that took the buildings down. Then, they turn around and say that president Bush is dumb and incompetent. Now, boys and girls, either the President is dumb or he was so smart that he was able to carry off one of the most complex hoaxes in the history of mankind. "Ain't happening McGee"
My final and closing statement is concerning people that make a living saying things that confuse and amuse others. Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore are people that have a job making things look different and make money from that process. Neither are a fly on the ass of important things in our lives and should be considered entertainment. Listen to their programs or attend their movies. But, remember that they aren't the final answer in any argument. Kind of like reading the Readers Digest as the final answer on any issue. They can condense things into cohesive statements but just because it makes sense doesn't mean it is the only or correct answer. Have a great day out there.


  1. Classic media hypocrisy.

  2. Collective, selective short term memory.

    and don't even get me on the 9/11 truthers.. they're all certifiable.