Acumulatin' Crap

As I look around my computer station, I can see that I have been way too busy accumulating the baggage of life. My dad always said that he wanted to build a house with no flat surfaces to pile anything.  He also wanted it to be made with a ceramic tile surface and have a fire hose and a drain in every room.  Kind of like the cages in the zoo.  Everything slopes towards the drain and you can sweep it clean with a fire hose.  he had a vivid mind but no follow through.  I remember the time he disassembled an organ in the back room and there were pieces on the floor for at least a year.

The weatherman said this is going to be a really unusual day here in the Heartland.  It will be cloudy, rainy . breezy and the temperatures is to get into the low 60's.  We can always use the rain but 60 in December?  The birds haven't slowed down their eating at the feed station one bit.  In fact, one of the woodpeckers completely pecked apart one of the suet blocks and the ground feeders haven't cleaned up the mess - yet.  Somewhere there is a woodpecker pecking at the house again.  His thumping on the siding really doesn't bother me too bad. If you build a house in the woods, you have to expect critters to think it belongs to them.

I think I have mentioned that I have to establish a defense in depth against the mice every fall.  There is a mouse trap with a big paddle lever that I have found works about as good as anything.  Seems like the mice kind of lean on the wall when they move about in the dark.  I put the traps along the wall and I have knocked off the population at least one a day for a couple of weeks now.   It doesn't seem to matter if I smear the lever with peanut butter or not.   Now if I could just find a trap that works on the squirrels as well.   I just heard the pitter patter of a good squirrel chase going on up on the deck and then a thud.  One of them jumped off the deck and fell about 12 feet to the ground.  He didn't stick around to nurse his wounds so he must be somewhat OK. 

Barb just appeared from the bed room and I said good morning.  I should say I croaked "good morning" as it seems I have little voice today.  When there is no one to talk to, you don't realize your voice is gone.  Inside my mind I sound the same, in reality it is the problem.  Oh well.  Barb wouldn't take orders to day anyway.


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