Listen Up!

OK! all you turkey's, all of you that read my latest blog and believe that just because I had a good idea men don't want a great Christmas present:

Here is what I wanted for Christmas.

Dave gave me one of these about a year ago and I used it all the time.  It is a lock back knife with a box cutter on one end and a knife blade on the other.  It was the handiest tool in my kit.  I lost it and hunted several places to find one.  Finally I gave up and asked Dave where he bought his -O' Reilly Automotive was the answer.  It was in the tool section and about $20.00.  A bargain at twice the price.   I now have one so Barb, never mind.


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  1. Now that you have a new one you will find the old one in the last place you think to look.