What'ch Mean?

I am tired of all the politically correct pussyfooting going on!  As we get into the Presidential Election Season, there is more obfuscation going on than I could imagine possible.  How can we say it?  The Congress of the United States has an approval rating of less than 10% and the president is just above 43%.  Perhaps we should pull an Italy and run them all out of town.  Lets declare it "Circus Over" and bring in a whole new bunch of clowns.   

The paper said this morning that the Department of defense got less than a 1% increase in their budget this year. (Excluding War Spending)  I wonder how you can separate out "War Spending" as a line item in that bloated budget.  If an air crew flies into Afghanistan, how much of the fuel, pay and cost of maintenance can you deduct? Seems like an accounting  nightmare to me.  If the Hospitals in Germany are taking of wounded soldiers, how much of that cost can be written off to War?  

I listened to criticism of Ron Paul the other day and kind of wish more people were aware of what he said.  He said that after 9/11 the Administration beat the drums of War and used that as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.  He said that the current Administration is beating the drums over Iran and we will soon be in a War with them.   Am I the only person that has watched what our country has been doing for the last half of a Century?    Any time an administration has been in trouble, they have used some Military Mission to try to bring us together so we don't pay real attention to the problems here at home.  

I am convinced that many of you are just so tired of the rhetoric that you don't pay attention as much anymore.  A lot of the inconsistency in my blog may be the result of that same affliction.  

To me, the President listed the symptoms in his speech in Osawatomie.  We have way too many people out of work and our money isn't worth much on the global market.  What he didn't say was the reason why we are where we are.  Our Congress played with the rules form one administration to another and we either over regulated of ignored the problems depending on who was in Charge.  The democrats try to overdo and bring the lower class into the middle class and the republicans seem to be on a track to lower the middle class to a level where the poor are now the middle class.  

I read an article that said the High Speed train was no longer on the table.  Did you see where the train was going to run?  From LA to Las Vegas.  Now if that isn't just a sad event, I don't know what is.  The people of LA have been saved from rushing to Vegas and spending their hard earned money gambling.  The mecca for greed and gambling is just going to have to fend for its self.  The last time I was in Vegas, the place was packed with people trying to give their money away.  We all know that the casinos are built with money the winners took home.  I wonder if they could pay their bills if they turned off the lights on Tuesday and Wednesday.  You know, shut the place down a couple of days a week and save.  

Oh well, I guess I  buy Lottery Tickets for the same reason.  Does that make me a part of the problem of just another solution not working on the answers?


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