Sunny and Cold

Yesterday it got almost nice outside and today it is going to snow.  Not that it makes a lot of difference to us, but the weatherman says get ready for a small accumulation of the white stuff.

I think it is interesting that the newspaper is talking about the potential hire for a new KU football coach like it has never happened before.  The choices are:  A guy brand new to college coaching, a failed coach like the one we just lost,  A coach that was fired for some wrongdoing, or some one that will want more millions of dollars that anyone should pay.  Duh, it ain't rocket science, it is the act of hiring a football coach.   There are a bunch of us that were happy with Turner Gill and i for one want him to come back and earn the rest of his 7 million we are going to pay him.   If Nebraska has been happy with never winning a NCAA Tournament game, we should be happy to have Turner Gill only win two football games this year.  

Speaking of coaches, how long will KU have Danny Manning to hold dear in Kansas.  There was some talk that Danny was staying in Lawrence until his daughter graduated from High School last year.  I know that he is a great Big Man coach and has to be worth a recruit or two for the team.  Oh well, we will keep him as long as he will stay.  I noticed that the Topeka and KU player, Mark Turgeon is coaching at Oklahoma.    If Bill Self were to leave, I would hope that Mark will be in the hunt for a new coach.  He is a fine young man and we love him as a person and coach.

Barb is upstairs watching Martha this morning.  For some reason they are making sausage.  Barb doesn't eat the stuff and sure as heck wouldn't make it.  Oh well, I buy Lottery Tickets and probably won't win so I guess we are even.


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