WEB Griffin

Instead of waiting for the book to get to the library, I bought a copy of his latest book.  It is co-written with William E. Butterworth IV.   Yes, if you are familiar with his books the WEB in the author's name is William E. Butterworth and I'm not sure if he is Junior, the II or the III.  I find that the books that are written with his son just seem to lack the character development from his earlier books.  The theme is familiar in a lot of works, he writes from the point of view of a rich smart and talented hero and in most cases while he may lose a battle now and then, in the long haul wins the wars.  I don't know why I love pure fantasy but I do.  Did I mention that he also gets the girl?  A Lot!

The really good news is that WEB Griffin gets done is his works about 250 pages less than Clancy.  I can read his books in a couple of days where Clancy can spin a tale on for lots more pages and it takes all week for me to finish.  Both writers have characters that move on through the books and are fairly easy to follow.  I happen to have most of the Griffin books and not so many Clancy books.

I see our friends from Morocco are in Spain again for Christmas.  I think it would be fun to meet them there and see Spain from the eyes of the girls.  I'm pretty sure that Gerald is filling up on the ham he doesn't get in Morocco.  I would love to eat a sea food paella the way I see them made on the cooking shows.  (Just so you know, I really struggled with the spell checker to spell paella.  I had to go out to the web and look up Spanish cooking to find out how to get even close to the right way to spell it)  I always loved my mother's answer to the age old question "What is this?"  She would tell us, "I cooked it, I don't have to name it!" 

My niece Jennifer wrote that she was on a plane sitting beside Danny Manning and an NBA Referee.  She said she loved to listen to them talk Basketball.  Who wouldn't?  I am sure that most of the members of our family would have paid to listen to that discussion.  I don't know what KU is paying Danny Manning to be an assistant coach but it can't be enough.  His work with the Morris Twins was remarkable.  They were just a couple of tall guys as freshmen and they were men amongst men by their Junior year.  

Speaking of Basketball,  I watched the Miami Heat play the Boston Celtics and Mario Chalmers played until he made four mistakes in a row.  They pulled him and put in a guard that just took over and hit key baskets when they were needed.  Super Mario needs to watch his back and get better fast or he will be setting on the bench for the rest of his season.

OH Well, better run.  Read that my Barber is down to his last week cutting hair.  He is going to retire at the end of the year and man will I miss him.


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